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Want Your Skin to “Glo?” – 4 Reasons We Recommend Glo Minerals Makeup

Trying to find a makeup brand that is good for your skin, has multiple shades, and is affordable can be a chore. Luckily, Glo Minerals makeup hits every mark. Glo Minerals makeup prides itself on creating makeup with your skin in mind.

Recently, Glo Minerals makeup has re-branded into a full skin care line called Glo Skin Beauty. You can now take care of your skin from the first step to the last step of your skin care routine with Glo Skin Beauty. However, even with the re-branding, the company still creates and sells makeup that is made with your skin in mind. What makes this makeup so special? There are multiple reasons we recommend this brand:

1. Glo Minerals makeup is a cruelty free brand (for animals and people!)
All products are PETA approved. In addition to being cruelty free to animals, the products are also cruelty free to your skin! All of the products are made without chemical dyes, perfumes, and talc. The makeup is made of minerals that are great for use on sensitive skin. Being kind to animals and your skin is always a win.

2. Glo Minerals makeup is good for your skin
Included in the Glo Minerals makeup formula are Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract – soothing and nourishing your skin even as you wear your makeup. In addition, Glo Minerals makeup has something even better included in their formula – SPF! You can look for products that include SPF already such as their Luminous Liquid Foundation.

3. They Offer a Full Line of Products
Finding a makeup brand that includes a wide range of skin tones can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Glo Minerals makeup has a wide range of products available in multiple skin tones. Bases including pressed powder and liquid foundation range in color from Golden Light to Cocoa Medium. Other products include concealer, eye shadow palettes, and multiple lip products. There is even an eyebrow powder available in Auburn. Glo Minerals makeup is for everyone!

4. It’s Affordable!
No need to spend thousands of dollars trying to look like the women in magazines. Glo Minerals makeup is an affordable makeup brand that provides professional results. From priming your face to setting your makeup, Glo Minerals makeup has you covered at a reasonable price. Don’t believe us? Check out their reviews!

At Vujevich Dermatology Associates, we love Glo Minerals makeup due to the UV protection it provides, as well as the lack of chemicals dyes and perfumes that you find in many makeup brands. Afraid to buy makeup online? Glo Minerals makeup is available in our office. You can schedule a consultation with Lisa Barba, CRNP to help you choose the right formulation and shade for your skin.

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