Laser Skin Treatment

What is the Excel V Laser?

We use the Excel V laser for our laser skin treatments. We perform laser procedures that, in general, treats red and brown lesions. This includes redness caused by rosacea, spider veins on the face and legs, redness of the neck and chest, vascular lesions, scars, and brown sun spots on the face, neck, chest, and hands.

Blood Vessels - Before and After*

Sun Spots - Before and After*

Sun Damage - Before and After*

How does the Excel V Laser work?

The Excel V laser is a dual KTP and ndYAG laser. All laser work by delivering a specific wavelength of light to target certain structures in the skin. In the case of the Excel V laser, its targets are the colors red and brown. This means that the laser energy will be absorbed by the red blood cells inside of blood vessels and the brown pigment cells in sun spots. Once these targets absorb the laser energy, the vessel wall collapses or the brown pigment cells break apart. Over time, your body will eliminate the remnants of these structures. This targeted treatment allows us to selectively treat red and brown lesions without damaging the surrounding skin.

How many laser treatments will I need?

Your physician will perform a cosmetic consultation to discuss the treatment area, your goals, and expected number of treatments. Some smaller, individual lesions may only require one treatment. For larger areas being treated for general redness or brown sun spots we typically recommend an initial series of 3-4 treatments that are spaced 4-6 weeks apart.*   Once individual lesions are treated adequately, they typically do not return. However, many patients are prone to develop new red and brown areas overtime and may opt for a singular touch-up treatment yearly as needed.

What should I expect during the procedure?

Pre-procedure photos are taken and the area to be treated is cleansed. Protective eyewear will be placed to block the eyes from laser exposure. A cooling gel is placed on the treatment area and the laser procedure begins. The laser is passed along the treatment area while delivering laser pulses of energy. Most patients report mild discomfort, comparing the sensation to a warm rubber band snapping against the skin. The laser tip is cooled to minimize any discomfort. After the procedure is completed, the face is cleansed, the area is iced, and sunscreen is applied. The procedure itself typically takes 15 minutes or less.

Watch a treatment session here.*

What should I expect after the procedure?

It is normal to have swelling after your procedure for 3-5 days. This can be minimized by periodically icing the treated area for the remainder of the day. There can also be associated pinkness to the skin or temporary darkening of brown lesions. This will resolve completely and can be covered with makeup. Overall, the treatment is well-tolerated with little downtime.*

Is Excel V treatment safe?

The Excel V laser was FDA-approved in 2010 and since then has an excellent safety record. It can be used be many different conditions on virtually any body area. However, as with any procedure there are associated risks if the laser is used inappropriately. We typically do not treat patients with photosensitive conditions or those with darker skin types or even a tan due to the risk of pigment changes in the skin, both lighter and darker. It is important to have the procedure performed by an experienced physician who understands laser science.

Why chose Vujevich Dermatology Associates for your aesthetic treatment?

Laser treatment has become a common cosmetic procedure but please remember that it truly matters who does your laser treatment. At out office, only our physicians perform treatments. We are committed to patient safety and continuing education to provide you with the most advanced techniques for the best results.

Aesthetic treatments should be customized to your individual needs and wants – there should never be a “cookie cutter” approach. We believe it’s important to perform a full cosmetic consultation before any aesthetic treatment. At this appointment one of our experienced providers will discuss your overall treatment goals and expectations as well as perform a full cosmetic examination of the face, neck, chest, and hands and assess your skin for tone, color, wrinkles, and sun damage. Through this comprehensive evaluation, we will then develop an individualized aesthetic plan including our full range of in-office treatments and skin care products.