Acne Treatment

We specialize in acne treatment at Vujevich Dermatology Associates. Acne is a very common skin condition affecting millions of Americans of all ages. It is caused by a complex interaction of clogged pores, oil production, inflammation, and bacteria. Acne can affect a person’s self-confidence, which in turn can affect relationships and cause mood changes and social withdrawal. Acne can also lead to skin discoloration and permanent scarring, even without picking at pimples. Patients treated for their acne often report higher quality of life once their skin begins to improve.

Dermatologists have many tools designed to improve acne including medicated washes, creams, and pills (antibiotic and hormonal). These treatments used in various combination over time can yield excellent results for most people. However, in some cases these standard therapies are not enough. Vujevich Dermatology Associates prescribes isotretinoin (formerly marketed as Accutane®) to treat stubborn acne, or patients with severe inflammation, pain, or scarring caused by acne. This 5-8 month treatment can lead to long term acne clearance in more than 80% of patients when taken correctly. Our patients report high satisfaction and improved self-esteem following treatment with isotretinoin.

For more information on acne and treatment options, please visit The American Academy of Dermatology website. 

For patients on isotretinoin, please visit the iPLEDGE website: