Other Dermatologic Surgeries

Skin Cancer Removal

We perform skin cancer removal here at Vujevich Dermatology Associates. Skin cancer surgery involves the removal of the malignant growth with an adequate surgical margin to ensure complete removal. Our surgeons, whose surgical dermatology specialty focuses on Mohs Surgery and other skin cancer and growth removal, will perform the surgeries under non-sedating, local anesthesia.

Examples of malignant lesions include melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and other skin malignancies. For more information about malignant skin lesions, you can read about melanoma, basal cell carcinoma vs squamous cell carcinoma, and other related topics in our dermatology blog.

Mole Removal and Other Skin Lesions

We perform mole removals as well as removals of other skin lesions such as symptomatic cysts, lipomas, and dermatofibromas.  The surgeries are performed under non-sedating, local anesthesia.

We recommend doing monthly head-to-toe self-screenings at home so you can be aware of any new or concerning skin lesions on your body. For moles, remembering the ABCDEs allows you to accurately assess your moles at home. When completing a self-screening you should be on the lookout for Asymmetry, jagged Borders, darker Colored moles, moles large in Diameter, and moles that are Evolving.

In addition to self-screenings, we always recommend an annual in-office skin cancer screening to keep an eye on hard-to-reach areas you may miss when completing a self-screening. Self-exams and in-office screenings are precautionary and are an important piece for early detection.

For any skin concerns, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our highly-trained, board-certified providers.