Vu Pharmaceuticals

vu pharmaceuticals

Prescription-strength, high quality, reasonably priced medication. 

Are you tired of waiting in pharmacy lines? Is your copay more than your medication? Then talk to us about Vu Pharmaceuticals, a more convenient way to get your medicine, at your next visit.

What is Vu Pharmaceuticals?

Vu Pharmaceuticals is our personalized physician prescription dispensing program made specifically with Vujevich Dermatology patients in mind. We have contracted with an FDA-Registered 503b Outsourcing Facility to customize medicine that we dispense from our office at the time of your visit. Customizing your medications allows us to provide you with clinically significant benefits. We are able to remove fillers, dyes, preservatives, and agents that can cause allergic reactions. We can alter the potencies to stage your therapies. 

Through Vu Pharmaceuticals, we offer many types of convenient treatment options including topicals, creams, gels, and more. With prescriptions dispensed at our office, you save both time and money. Forget having to make another trip to the pharmacy to get your prescription filled. Get your medicine in-hand after your visit and before you leave our office. 

What conditions can I get medication for?

Vu Pharmaceuticals includes treatments for acne, topicals to treat sun damage, hair loss treatments, and dark spot (melasma) treatments. We offer medication for a few different skin condition groups, such as: 

We know that more than 50% of people have sensitive or very sensitive skin.  If that’s you, don’t hesitate to let us know during your visit. We not only want to hear about your specific skin care needs, but we can offer you custom medicine right from our office. 

If you’d like to learn more about a medication that would work with your specific treatment plan, ask us about Vu Pharmaceuticals at your next visit. 

How much does medication cost with Vu Pharmaceuticals?

We offer prescription-strength, high quality, reasonably priced medication. The cost of your medication is dependent upon the type of prescription and the amount you need. The medications we offer are often less than some copays elsewhere. You can expect your medication to be between $40.00 - $95.00.  Please speak with a provider at your next visit to discuss your individualized treatment plan and cost. 

How can I pay for my medicine?

With Vu Pharmaceuticals, you can pay in cash, check, credit card or HSA card. In addition, there is no authorization needed to purchase your medication with us. 

Contact us today or visit one of our three Pittsburgh area office locations to learn more.