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Vu Pharmaceuticals provides a more convenient way to get your hair loss medication. Instead of waiting in a pharmacy line, get your prescription-strength medication in our office during your next visit. By skipping the pharmacy, many of our products are less expensive than the prices found elsewhere. All the hair loss medication options are made with the same rigorous quality standards that you would expect from our skilled and experienced dermatology providers.

About Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss (Androgenic Alopecia)

Male and female pattern hair loss is a common condition that dermatologists treat. In fact, it affects millions of people worldwide. Regardless of whether it develops in a man or woman, the medical term is androgenic alopecia. Pattern hair loss is hereditary, which means you’ve inherited genes that cause your hair follicles (where hairs grow from) to shrink and eventually stop growing hair. It’s the most common cause of hair loss worldwide.

Male and female pattern hair loss can start as early as your teens, but for most people it starts later in life as you age. Female pattern hair loss usually begins in midlife (40s, 50s, 60s) but can be earlier for some women. Signs of female pattern hair loss can include: a widening hair part, overall hair thinning, or receding hair near your temples. Without treatment, you may eventually develop widespread thinning. With male pattern hair loss, the first sign is usually a receding hairline or bald spot at the top of your head.

Hair loss medication can help prevent hair loss from worsening and help you regrow your hair. You should see a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

About Alopecia Areata

Hair loss medication can also help treat alopecia areata, although it’s less common. Alopecia is the medical term for “bald” and areata means “patchy.” Alopecia areata is a disease that develops when the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles, and it can cause hair loss anywhere on the body, not just on the head. It’s common that people who develop alopecia areata will develop a round or oval bald patch on their scalp. Alopecia areata can also affect your nails, including creating dents, ridges, brittle, or red nails.

The most common, and often only, sign of alopecia areata is sudden hair loss. The patches of hair loss can grow larger and even become one large bald spot. Unfortunately, hair loss from alopecia can be unpredictable. Hair may regrow without treatment, however most patients diagnosed with this condition will seek other alopecia treatment options. Hair can regrow, but it may or may not fall out again.

By receiving treatment for hair loss through Vu Pharmaceuticals at the time of your visit, you can get your medicine in a more convenient and accessible way without the delay of prior authorizations or waiting at the pharmacy.

What type of hair loss medication can I get through Vu Pharmaceuticals?

Through Vu Pharmaceuticals, we provide a topical solution to most commonly treat male and female pattern hair loss. It can also be used to treat alopecia areata, although this is less common for this disease, and you may need to seek other treatment options.

●      Alopecia Topical Solution (Minoxidil 7%, Niacinamide 4%)

Alopecia Topical Solution is used to treat male or female pattern hair loss. This medication contains two active ingredients: Minoxidil and niacinamide. Minoxidil applied topically to the scalp can increase the size of hair follicles and extend your hair’s natural growth cycle. Niacinamide is utilized as a medicine to decrease inflammation associate with alopecia. Use this medication as instructed by your provider.

Please read our Alopecia Topical Solution Handout for more information.

As with any medication, including treatment for alopecia, reactions and concerns should be brought to the attention of your prescribing provider.  Topical treatment regiments can be catered to the patient, including dosing, applications and strengths. Please contact the office before discontinuing your medication.

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