Pediatric Dermatology

When looking for a Pittsburgh pediatric dermatology provider, there can be a lot to consider. Your child’s health is paramount, and you want them to be taken care of by an expert. You want to find a physician with deep knowledge and someone who has experience providing dermatologic care for children.

Pediatric Dermatology vs Adult Dermatology

Infants and children often have unique symptoms and reactions to certain skin conditions that can be different from what adults experience. There are some skin conditions that are common in both children and adults, and some that are specific to each. In terms of education and training, pediatric dermatologists complete a general dermatology residency and then continue on to complete a specific fellowship in pediatric dermatology to gain expertise in treating common and rare skin conditions that are specific to children. In addition, pediatric dermatologists have also developed skills to efficiently and gently perform skin exams and procedures on even the youngest of children.

At Vujevich Dermatology Associates, we strive to make sure that your child is at ease and feels comfortable during the visit. We’re proud to have our pediatric dermatologist, Dr. Elizabeth J. Froelich, in our practice. Dr. Froelich is board certified in both dermatology and pediatric dermatology and is one of the few pediatric dermatologists in the Pittsburgh area. Please see below for additional information on Dr. Froelich and about some of the most common skin conditions in children that we frequently treat.

Elizabeth J. Froelich, MD, FAAD

Our pediatric dermatologist, Dr. Froelich, is double board-certified in dermatology and pediatric dermatology by the American Board of Dermatology.  She is one of the few pediatric dermatologists in the Pittsburgh area. You can read the rest of Dr. Froelich's bio here.

What Does a Pediatric Dermatologist Treat?

Pediatric dermatologists specialize in treating children’s skin, hair, and nails. They can treat infants through adolescents. Some of the most common conditions in children that a pediatric dermatologist treats include acne, warts, molluscum, dermatitis, eczema, rashes, skin bumps and growths, keratosis pilaris, skin infections, vitiligo, birthmarks, skin cancers, and others. You can learn more about the pediatric dermatology care that children can receive for some of these conditions below.

Acne / Isotretinoin

Acne affects millions of Americans of all ages, but can be particularly troublesome in the pediatric population.  It is caused by a complex interaction of clogged pores, oil production, inflammation, and bacteria. We can provide acne medication right from our office or prescribe a wide-variety of acne treatment regimens. We have many options designed to improve acne including medicated washes, creams, and pills (antibiotic and hormonal). These treatments used in various combinations over time can yield excellent results. However, in some cases these standard therapies are not enough. Isotretinoin (formerly marketed as Accutane®) is used to treat stubborn acne or patients with severe inflammation, pain, or scarring caused by acne. At Vujevich Dermatology, we will put together a treatment plan specifically tailored to your child and help them feel as comfortable as possible.

Warts / Molluscum

Warts and molluscum contagiosum are contagious skin growths caused by a virus in the skin.  They are commonly seen in children and teens, though any age may be affected. We provide warts treatments including in-office applications of liquid nitrogen, other topical treatments, surgical removal, and at home treatments.

Molluscum contagiosum is benign and does not require treatment in mild cases. A pediatric dermatologist may treat molluscum to limit spread to other areas of the body, control itching, reduce transmission to others (ex. athletes in contact sports), and minimize potential for scarring. Treatment options include in-office application of liquid nitrogen or cantharidin, surgical removal, or at-home application of anti-viral creams.

Other Common Skin Conditions in Kids

Pediatric dermatologists are trained to diagnose and manage a variety of skin conditions in infants and children. This includes eczema, rashes, skin bumps and growths, and skin infections. They can also treat issues with hair and nails. It’s important that parents are aware of the most common pediatric skin conditions, and other unique conditions to infants and children, so that they can get the proper diagnosis and treatment from board-certified pediatric dermatologists.

Finding a Pittsburgh Pediatric Dermatologist

When looking for a local pediatric dermatology provider to discuss your child’s skin conditions, there can be a lot to consider. Take the time to do your research, if needed, to find the best care for your children. Your child’s health is very important, and you’ll want to find a physician with deep knowledge and someone who has experience providing dermatologic care for children.  If you have concerns about any pediatric skin conditions, you can contact us today to make an appointment with Dr. Froelich.