Filler Procedures- Not Just for the Face

Anti-aging regimens are most commonly focused on the face.  And although most of these skin care products are effective for the neck and hands, we rarely use them in these locations.  This means that while our face may be aging beautifully, our neck and hands are not.  If you are worried that your hands and neck are causing you to look older than you feel, keep reading for options and solutions that can be provided by professionals.


Common Issues

As we age, the hands lose volume, fat, and elasticity.  This results in thinner looking skin and prominence of the underlying veins, tendons, and bones.  


The goal is to reinflate the hands to give a fuller look and reduce the appearance of underlying structures.  Dermal fillers and fat transfer have long been used to add volume to the aging face but are gaining popularity for treatment of the hands as well.  Fillers, such as Radiesse, Juvederm, and Restylane essentially replace the lost fat, reduce the appearance of thinning skin, and better camouflage the veins and tendons.  The procedure requires virtually no down time and there is little discomfort during the injections – possibly the reason why the procedure’s gaining popularity.  


Common Issues

Much like the hands, the complaints about the neck also stem from loss of fat and collagen as we age.  Common complaints about the neck include “horizontal bands”, “sagging”, “crepe paper skin” and “wrinkles”.  Again, these unwanted side effects of age and genetics are caused by the loss of fat and natural progression. The desired appearance is, again, a “reinflated” neck so that the skin appears to be more elastic and the wrinkles diminish. Moreover, the horizontal bands can be treated, but are harder to completely erase and are often due to genetics.


Again, dermal fillers can be used to treat many of the undesired side effects of aging in the neck. They can be injected directly into the wrinkle to reduce its appearance or placed diffusely throughout the neck. This stimulates new collagen growth which leads to plumper, more elastic skin. This area can prove to be a trickier area to treat than the backs of the hands and filler treatment is often combined with other procedures to get the maximum improvement. The effectiveness of the filler treatment, as well as the product and amount used, will depend on the severity of the wrinkles, sagging, and the depth of the lines. Additionally, the procedure also requires little down time and not much discomfort is associated with the injections.

If you’re looking to treat some of these issues, your best bet is to always meet with the professionals.  Dr. Christie Regula is a board certified dermatologist that specializes in aesthetic procedures.  Moreover, a comprehensive cosmetic consultation is performed for each patient to develop a personalized aesthetic skin care plan. Visit our website to learn more about our services or call (412) 429-2570 to start your skincare journey.

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